Hazard: Real Madrid rule out move, set to hand Isco key role

Hazard: Real Madrid rule out move, set to hand Isco key role

October 11, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

Real Madrid do not want to sign Eden Hazard, claims Spanish football expert Guillem Balague. They will instead wait until next summer for a lower fee.

Chelsea has been demanding top dollars for Hazard estimated at 200+ million Euro. With younger talents such as Isco in hand it just doesn’t make any sense.
This news are obviously an echo of the poor performance in recent weeks and it’s clearly a potential panic move.

“The story we know is that Hazard wants to go to Real Madrid, it’s his dream and Real Madrid considered and thought about it in the summer,” he told his YouTube channel.

“But they were told no price for Hazard and they did not insist. It was one of the calls they made in terms of what to do if Neymar wasn’t coming.

“Eventually they decided not to go for anybody and instead they wanted to get the best out of the squad that was there already. I feel it’s a year where it’s like ‘Gareth Bale, here’s your chance to show us what you can do, Marco Asensio it’s time to grow, Benzema we need you to give us goals’.

“Is Hazard a target for next season? It’s been reported that Real Madrid will covet him in the winter, in January, but I don’t believe that’s the case.
“What is quite clear is they’ve got Neymar and I’ll add Mbappe – one of the two – as the main target for next season, and to rebuild the stadium.

Mbape might be expected to be the largest transfer in soccer history due to his age and records but at 19 years old least he can be a pillar for the team for a decade.

“Real Madrid are thinking there’s this bunch of money that they will use to try to bring one of the superstars in the world and they consider Neymar and Mbappe to be in that category – then there’s this bunch of other money for the stadium.

“Hazard will insist but he’s in a win-win situation of course because if Real Madrid don’t go for him – and at the moment, right now, he’s not the top target.

“It’s a win win situation for Hazard but not in January for Real Madrid. He’s not a top target.”