Leaving Catalonia was the right move, CaixaBank chairman says

Leaving Catalonia was the right move, CaixaBank chairman says

October 21, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

Spanish lender CaixaBank made the right choice in changing headquarters during the Catalonian crisis, the bank’s chairman said Wednesday.
Spain’s third largest bank decided in October to move its legal headquarters out of Catalonia.
If Catalonia were to become independent from Spain, it would, consequently, also be outside of the European Union.
“It was the right move because in the banking business you have to ensure, always, that you preserve the savings and the stability of bank,” Gual said.
Jose Jordan | AFP | Getty Images
President of Spanish financial institution La Caixa Jordi Gual gives a speech during the the extraordinary General meeting of La Caixa Shareholders in Valencia on February 02, 2018.
Banco Sabadell, Inmobiliaria Colonial and Abertis, along with several other firms based in Catalonia, made the same decision .
But we don’t see that happening,” Gual said.
He added that 2018 should prove “remarkable.”
The economy has registered one of the strongest performances in the euro area in the last few years — after the troubles seen during the sovereign debt crisis.

Angels Piñol reports: Deputy from the far-left CUP party, Carles Riera, said today that his group had no reason to believe that regional premier Carles Puigdemont would be going back on his plan for a unilateral declaration of independence. “We trust in Puigdemont,” he said.

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