Roger Stone: WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Me; The Anatomy of a Fake News Avalanche

October 26, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

On April 2, 2018, the Journal breathlessly reported about an August 3, 2016 email I sent to Sam Nunberg, in which I joked that I had dined with Julian Assange in London the night before.
This call, with my original jest about ‘meeting with Assange’, was first reported by the Washington Post .
Seems like Sam can’t take a joke, but then either can the Wall Street Journal .
At least one media outlet reported that Malloch and I had actually co-authored a book – a perfect example of fake news, perhaps even of a new, even more extreme form of fake news: fantasy news.
The Post contacted me to say that two sources – yes TWO — told the Post that I told the sources that I had met with Assange in London.
But then the Post reporter spoke ominously about the alleged second source – nameless and faceless – who told the Post that I had emailed him – it was in writing, the Post reporter said – that WikiLeaks would disclose information that would ‘torture’ John Podesta, Donna Brazile and the Clinton Foundation.
So I was being asked to respond to questions from a reporter about an email that the reporter not only did not have, but had never seen, with only the word of the supposed anonymous source that such an email even existed, and said what this mini-deep throat told the reporter it said.
This is how fake news is born and proliferates; a dozen fake news outlets went on to seize and repeatedly recycle this flawed, if not partly-fabricated, Washington Post story.
Now re-enter the ever-colorful Sam Nunberg, back on CNN to say that he warned me several times about my “relationship” with Assange – despite the fact that Sam never ever said this to me, even once.

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