Less Is More, TAP on the Road to Extreme Simplicity

Less Is More, TAP on the Road to Extreme Simplicity

November 12, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

After depositing fiat currency into TAP, users can trade various cryptocurrencies using one app and a single KYC process.
Investors are important for all projects, especially those being incubated in the blockchain industry.
On October 22, 2018, AlphaBit and FBG Capital became key investors of TAP.
AlphaBit is one of the first standardized cryptocurrency funds and the largest in the Middle East.
It not only makes cryptocurrency more accessible to new investors but streamlines the operation for existing investors.
Trades will be split among different exchanges if a better price is achieved this way for users.
TAP currently supports four exchanges: Binance, Kraken, BitMax and BITFINEX.
With the support and inclusion of more and more exchanges, TAP is able to offer customers the best price in any trade.
Although only certain transactions are supported in the early version of the app, it enables exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency as well as the exchange between two cryptocurrencies.
Application versions can differ drastically, and progress can be challenging to realize.

The Exosis ecosystem has a cap of 21 million tokens to be mined. Out of these, 2 million coins will be premined in order to raise funds as part of the ICO. 50% of the supply will be reserved for backing up the market, with 30% and 20% used for promotion and development respectively.

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