Gaming idol girl group AQUA make their debut with ‘Log In’!

Gaming idol girl group AQUA make their debut with ‘Log In’!

November 22, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

New project idol gaming girl group AQUA made their debut today, on the 17th of November, with their title track “Log In”.
Log In was produced by producer team ZigZagNote, who have produced songs in the past for names such as BTS, TWICE and APink.
The group consists of both trainees and already debuted idols.
Na Seungji and Kim Hyerim form a duo together as LimeSoda, while Hyerim is also known for being the runner-up in ‘Kpop Star 6’.
The trainees are Produce 48’s Yoon Haesol, MIXNINE’s Kim Sihyun (Music Works), MIXNINE’s Baek Hyeonju (upcoming girl group OAHSIS, formerly known as SeeArt) and Produce 101’s Yu Sua (OAHSIS).
These girls all have one thing in common: they all love gaming and that’s why they were chosen to be part of this group.
AQUA is supposed to be a reaction to shift in demand from the public.
eSports have become very popular and the demand is rising.
By combining idol activities and gaming activities, gaming company Actoz Soft hopes to appeal to both Kpop fans and gamers.
AQUA will promote under Actoz Soft’s subsidiary Actoz Stars for both their idol and gaming promotions.

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