Sinkhole opens up, swallows SC GOP headquarters | #Says_June

Sinkhole opens up, swallows SC GOP headquarters | #Says_June

December 28, 2018 0 By NewsTakers

Columbia – All was quiet this evening on Marion Street when the ground suddenly gave way and took the South Carolina Republican Party headquarters with it.
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Apparently as the sinkhole opened up, there was a thunderclap and what witnesses describe as an ethereal voice from the clouds.
But then, just as I was realizing what was happening I heard this voice from the sky… it sounded like it said ‘cut that shit out’ but I’m not positive.”
“The voice clearly said ‘cut that shit out’ and then it didn’t say anything else,” said Pierce.
Unconfirmed reports claim that party leaders are in hiding until divine intervention is ruled out.
The theologist camp, led by Rev.
“God is firm and decisive, and this was clearly a warning to the Republicans in response to today’s news,” said Jolsen.
Teddy Heagrid, spokesman for the geologist group, disagreed with Jolsen’s assessment.
Geology is the study of pressure and time and this is something that must have been building up for a long time.

Jeff Bush’s cousin Kyle Balcom, left, and brother Dustin Bush react after Jeff Bush was consumed by a sinkhole while lying in his bed on the night of March 1, 2013 in Seffner, Fla. First responders were not able to reach Bush after he disappeared and have halted recovery efforts.

A car sits in a sinkhole caused by a broken water main, which collapsed part of Friendship Blvd., Dec. 3, 2010, in Chevy Chase, Md….

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