International Student Festival at Trondheim ISFiTMedium #Will_Be

International Student Festival at Trondheim ISFiTMedium #Will_Be

February 11, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

First of all, the program is conducted every other year.
Hence application form for participants will be opened in September every other year.
Before getting into how to apply for this program, what you wish to understand is why ISFiT?
What is in the application form?
You will be informed by email after being selected to be one among 450 successful applicants of 10000 applicants all around the world.
Noted that most of the documents will be provided by ISFiT.
In my case I am Cambodian, applying for Schengen visa from South Korea, the required documents were: Certificate of university enrolment, visa application form, invitation letter, recommendation letter, UDI, travel insurance, passport, residence card in South Korea and E-ticket.
The speech is related to the theme of the program.
You will get to listen to other famous people’s speech for free and take that chance to take photo with them also.
And here it is about ISFiT.

The festival is held in the city of Trondheim, Norway. Here, over 450 students from all over the world gather to attend 17 different workshops and take part in the festivals culture program. ISFiT is a non-profit organization and is brought to life with the efforts of more than 400 student volunteers.

ISFiT – The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway is the world’s largest student festival with …

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