Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) takes Hire, Its G Suite recruitment platform, into Its 1st  global markets, UK & Canada #Google_Is

Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) takes Hire, Its G Suite recruitment platform, into Its 1st global markets, UK & Canada #Google_Is

February 12, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

In the tech world, that translates into a big opportunity to build tools to make a recruiter’s work easier, faster and more likely of success in finding the right people for the job.
Now Google is stepping up its own efforts in the space: today it is expanding Hire , its G Suite-based recruitment management platform, to the UK and Canada, its first international markets outside the US.
“Recruiters want time to talk to candidates but they don’t want to sit in systems clicking things,” said Dmitri Krakovsky, the VP leads Hire for Google.
“We give time back by automating a lot of functionality.” They also sift out needles in haystacks of applicants and surface interesting “lookalikes” who didn’t quite make the cut (or take the job) so that they can be targeted for future opportunities.
And — naturally — while Hire links up with third-party job boards via services like eQuest to bring inbound people into the system, it also provides seamless integration with Jobs by Google , Google’s own vertical search effort that is taking on the traditional job board by letting people look for opportunities with natural language queries in Google’s basic search window .
While markets like the UK and US represent some of the very biggest for recruitment services globally, it’s a long tail opportunity, and over time, the ambition will be to take Hire global, positioning it as a key rival against the likes of Taleo, LinkedIn, Jobvite, Zoho, SmartRecruiter and many others in the area of applicant sourcing and tracking.
The bigger opportunity for Google is on a couple of levels.
These prices range from $100/month to $400/month depending on company size (and you work directly with Google on pricing if your organization is over 100 employees).
It’s a quiet but huge strategy, considering the size of the market that is being tackled.
The key for the tech world, if it wants to build products that will have international staying power to upset the existing “hire”archy (sorry), will be to bring that kind of levelling to every aspect of the recruiting process over time.

Thirdly, the Recommendation Solution provides users with suggestions for additional engagement, such as content providers suggesting what to watch next, and online retailers recommending complementary products. Recommendation Solution will be available as a reference architecture rather than a pre-packaged solution, Google says.

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