Malicious app at official app stores #Google_Play

Malicious app at official app stores #Google_Play

February 12, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

That’s because Apple’s Apps Store and the Google Play Store for Android have vetting systems in place that help prevent unscrupulous developers from tricking unsuspecting users into installing shady apps.
Even though app screening does cut down on malicious apps making their way into official app stores, it’s not a perfect system.
A malicious app that could rip you off made its way into the Google Play Store.
If your devices are infected with this type of malware, it can be used to steal whatever you save to your clipboard.
Researchers at Eset recently discovered a malicious app that spreads clipper malware in the Google Play Store.
MetaMask is a browser extension that can be used to transfer cryptocurrency into your digital wallet.
The MetaMask app found in the Google Play Store was a fake.
Only download apps from the Google Play Store.
Even though some malicious apps make it into the Play Store, like this latest incident, it does have a more thorough screening process.
In this podcast you will learn who is tracking you, how they can get to your personal information and most importantly where your data is being sent.

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