new Release Crea Records: ‘ABBA We Love You Forever’ #ABBA_We

new Release Crea Records: ‘ABBA We Love You Forever’ #ABBA_We

February 22, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

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February 21, 20199:44 AM EST
Last UpdatedFebruary 21, 20199:44 AM EST
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Not many people on this earth can say that they have never heard of ABBA.
Lecia shared the same melodic universe as ABBA, making her mark with many records as part of duo LECIA & LUCIENNE.
In addition to Lecia, the group also features various artists, including Lecia’s former duo partner, is Lucienne Holritz.
The lyrics are also a fine piece of work, referencing various ABBA songs in a very elegant way, with everything sounding natural, and combining songs made from love with a great melody; sweet music is in the air.

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