Bend It like Silicon #It_Is

Bend It like Silicon #It_Is

March 4, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

Flexible Silicon and Plastic Circuits
Although Fraunhofer is working with major smart card companies and their silicon suppliers, smart cards have been around for some time without using flexible silicon.
The group has two technology areas: Silicon Wafer Processing (particularly MEMS technology) and Plastic Film Processing (particularly reel-to-reel technology).
With plastics, we are looking at organic materials – carbon-based electronics – something that has been a research target for many years.
In one particular area, E-readers, a plastic film technology is dominant.
Ink jet printing can produce feature sizes as small as 25 microns.
At this point you should have your imagination running and thinking, “I could build a …”
Add an antenna, and the label can be read automatically using NFC.
Displays are another area.
With film technology, this looks more achievable.

In 1854, Henri Deville produced crystalline silicon for the first time. He did this by electrolyzing an impure melt of sodium aluminum chloride to produce aluminum silicide. The aluminum was removed with water, leaving silicon crystals.

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