how The Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) & Facebook(NASDAQ: FB) outages could impact application security #Outages_Could

how The Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) & Facebook(NASDAQ: FB) outages could impact application security #Outages_Could

March 20, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

The first, and most obvious, implication is the impact of data management during outages.
Software developers tend to design their test suites around proper functionality – does the product or feature operate as expected.
The second implication is on downstream services.
Similarly, if you’re using a social media platform as a means of customer engagement, outages could directly impact revenues.
With a social media login, the login provider handles password management and returns an access token representing the user to the website hosting the login button.
Facebook generates an access token for the user on that website and returns it to the website.
This process increases overall password security by transferring password management to the social media provider.
It also works very well – up until the social media provider has an outage.
When that happens, the ability to validate the access token could also go offline at which point users won’t be able to access any data or services behind accounts they’ve protected by such logins.
When an outage occurs, we shouldn’t take for granted that the security of our information is protected and should take the opportunity to both reset our passwords used on social media platforms and to revoke and reauthorize our access tokens issued by those same platforms.

But mapping, location and communications tools can be extremely helpful in logistical efforts to mitigate delays and promote quicker disaster response. That’s especially true if these efforts are coordinated among different sectors and groups – such as governments, universities, nonprofits, etc. – in an open and public way.

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