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March 22, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

Rachel Bloom, the star and my co-creator of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” was about to perform some songs from our show in Lincoln Center’s prestigious American Songbook series, and she had invited me to do a number with her called “JAP Battle.” Me, 50 years old, onstage, rapping.
Yes, my stage mother is a woman in her very young 30s.
And this is the story of how this young woman, and the other young people and women on our show, made me into an honorary millennial.
I’m an opinionated person by nature, but I quickly learned that women — and especially, female screenwriters — do best by getting their opinions across in other ways.
When it came to my work, however, screenwriters, male or female, learn to be careful how they communicate.
Our writers’ room was (and remained) seven women and three men.
On our show, we did the kind of jokes and stories I’d never been able to do in years of writing for movie studios, things I’d always wanted to write about.
I could never catalog all the things I’ve learned.
I also have to thank Rachel, my young friend, for setting me free.
People ask me what it was like to discover Rachel.

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