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April 15, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

Jon and Sam.
Jon and Sansa.
Jon and Bran.
And, of course, Jon and Arya .
It’s only fitting that Game of Thrones would open its eighth and final season—one that follows an excruciating 20-month hiatus —with an episode full of long-awaited reunions.
Titled simply “Winterfell,” in both an acknowledgment of its focus on the North and an ostensible callback to series premiere “Winter Is Coming,” it found all of the surviving Stark siblings (including one unwitting Targaryen) under the same familiar snow-covered roof for the first time since season one.
It was a moment fans had been waiting for since the first Obama administration—and it was frustratingly anticlimactic.
It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without a gratuitous trip to the brothel, but were we supposed to be shocked by the news that Cersei wants to see Tyrion killed with the crossbow he used to assassinate their father?
Instead of throwaway fan-service scenes like the one where the Hound calls Arya “a cold little bitch” or extended expositional passages devoted to relaying one small piece of information (how much time did it take for us to find out that Theon was going to Winterfell instead of the Iron Islands?
For some reason, Game of Thrones has spent its last two seasons trying to accomplish in 13 episodes what should have taken at least 20.

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