NBA Playoffs Star Index: Steph Curry vs. Kevin Durant debate rages on; Kawhi Leonard limping into vindicationCBSSports.Com #NBA_Playoffs

May 23, 2019 0 By NewsTakers

Welcome back to the NBA PlayoffsStar Power Index — a weekly gauge of the players who are controlling the postseason buzz.
The Steph Curry vs. Kevin Durant debate rages on as the Warriors are now 5-0 in these playoffs with Durant on the shelf.
The Warriors are now 31-1 in their last 32 games in which Curry plays and Durant doesn’t, and since Durant arrived in 2016, they are 34-4 in such games.
That’s how much Durant was controlling things with Curry relegated to a running-off-screens supporting act.
He makes it so Curry doesn’t have to be Superman for the Warriors to win titles.
LeBron does not want to play anywhere else.
If it is the right leg, is this the same quad injury that kept Leonard out for all but nine games last season?
“He’s playing through pain,” Danny Green said to a handful of reporters, long after Leonard left the locker room.
If this is the same injury Kawhi has been dealing with for more than a year, this is clearly some vindication that it was a really serious thing all along.
Even if it’s another injury, he’s clearly in real pain and yet he still played 52 minutes and posted 36 points, nine boards and five assists in Toronto’s pretty much do-or-die victory in Game 3.

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