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February 14, 2020 0 By NewsTakers

TEMPO.CO , Jakarta – The Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC/KPPU) has agreed to start investigating the case of Netflix’s video on demand (VoD) service.
In this case, telecom operator PT Telkom was reported for allegedly discriminating Netflix through its network service, Indihome.
“We have upgraded the case status from inquiry to an investigation,” ICC commissioner Guntur Saragih said in Jakarta on Thursday, February 13.
Guntur said the ICC needs to find at least two pieces of evidence to bring the case to its next level: filing.
Meanwhile, ICC’s director of investigation Goprera Panggabean said that they began looking into the case under their own initiative.
Facts compiled during the inquiry process revealed that Netflix entered Indonesia’s market in 2016 as a competitor for other video-on-demand services—including those provided by Telkom.
Then, Telkom blocks Netflix from its cable and network services, citing negative content.
Users are forced to stop their Telkom subscription if they want to enjoy Netflix, or be satisfied with what Telkom has to offer.
The situation, Gopera said, cost Netflix a huge market potential.

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